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For Honor


the bar
in combat

For Honor has set a new AAA quality bar for melee combat games on PC and console with its new Arena, training features, game modes and executions. Studio Gobo's collaboration with Ubisoft Montreal on these features demonstrates the fantastic commitment Ubisoft has to the For Honor universe and its fans.

Rock Paper Shotgun

The new Training Mode is impressively comprehensive.

XDS 2018

XDS 2018 - For Honor: What makes a Warrior? A Co-Development Partnership

Our Game Director, Xu Xiaojun, takes part in a talk at XDS outlining the steps Ubisoft Montreal took to build a successful co-development collaboration with Studio Gobo. By sharing project culture, pushing the “one team” concept and providing significant ownership, they established a strong relationship to help deliver AAA features for the visceral and exciting, For Honor.



Arcade mode is the best addition to For Honor since dedicated servers.

Fight for your honor...

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