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Studio life

Fun is at the heart of what we do. We know that if we want to make enjoyable games, we also have to enjoy the process of making games. Studio Gobo has a relaxed, ego-less environment with a flat hierarchy. We have high standards that we work to, but it’s also important that we find the space to experiment and play with ideas.


Our team

Our studio is home to some of the industry’s brightest and most experienced talent. Collectively we have worked on an extensive range of titles spanning the past three decades. Our more senior team members have honed their craft at companies like EA, Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Studios, Criterion, Lionhead, Double Eleven, Avalanche, Evolution Studios, Black Rock Studios and Creative Assembly.

We are a family of graphics geeks and artistic misfits

The individuals in the studio bring in a wide range of expertise to the team and are why we GO Beyond Ordinary. Our team’s broad experience means we find new ways of looking at old problems. We come from all corners of the globe and range from recent graduates to old hands, from sofa surfers to surf boarders.

Awesome workplace! Intimate family feeling with AAA projects.

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Our Culture

At Studio Gobo, we recognise that our differences are our strengths and that diversity leads to creativity. We believe that a stress-free and collaborative workplace is conducive to quality and productivity. We want all of our employees to actively flourish in a healthy, supportive environment. Studio Gobo is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace.

A welcoming space

We believe that a creative and compassionate environment is important to our teams, and the studio itself should feel as comfortable and as welcoming as your own home. We have lots of open-plan studio space and no boardrooms, which encourages our open and transparent studio culture.

The studio that reconciled me with the video game industry.

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We love our food...

It’s no secret that we love food at the studio. Since day one we have had Studio Gobo’s Friday Lunch, freshly-cooked food once a week from our in-house chefs, Matt and Rafika. As the studio grows, we want to make sure that we keep being connected to each other, which is why we encourage sitting next to people who aren’t directly in your team. Some of our best ideas have emerged over our Friday lunches and we all enjoy the opportunity to relax and hang out together.

A company that cares about its people. 

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Inspire & Motivate

We never know where the next great idea might come from, so we put a huge emphasis on recognising talent and supporting teams and individuals here at Studio Gobo. Investing in a culture of excellence is a long-term endeavour, but if we want to be proud of what we create, it’s important for us to keep working towards the best version of what we can be. We are a collection of talented individuals who love to learn, and that’s part of what makes the studio an amazing place to work.

We're always learning

We are true believers in continual learning and self-development. Our Inspire & Motivate program caters for the creatively curious, providing access to engaging workshops, inspiring talks, self-development programs, and internationally-recognised industry events and conferences across the world. 


Life-long friendships have been forged at Studio Gobo, and a culture of mutual respect, trust and transparency runs through everything that we undertake. The studio is home to over 15 different nationalities and many of us have travelled long distances to live and work in Brighton & Hove. The studio has become a home from home for many of us.

Social events & clubs

We have a monthly social, as well as Summer and Christmas parties. It’s important for us to have an inclusive variety of social events. Catching up at the pub can be great, but it's not for everyone, which is why we also have D&D groups, an art club, board game evenings, quiz nights, the list goes on... There’s always something going on in or around the studio. If you don’t find something you’re interested in, there’s always the space available to start it yourself.

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We value direct, clear communication. Whether it’s your first day or your eighth year, we want you to be able to say what’s on your mind. We’ll always be as honest as we can in return.


Everyone should feel comfortable challenging each other and being challenged, whoever they’re talking to. All good ideas are equal, no matter where they come from.


If you’re not questioning the world around you, you can’t ever improve it. We’re into honest enthusiasm over ironic detachment. Learning from each other is how we keep our skills sharp.


With our collective experience, we are very skilled at finding new ways of looking at old problems. We’re quick to adapt, passionate and dedicated to excellence in all that we do.


We are very proud to have been recognised, for the past five years running, as one of the 'Best Places To Work' in the UK games industry by Gamesindustry.biz. We believe that it is the diverse and talented individuals that make our studio what it is. So to be recognised in this way by our peers, and those that work at Studio Gobo, is a tremendous honour and one that inspires us to continually push ourselves to be better.

Work-life balance

When you join the studio, you can expect to enjoy a unique culture. From relaxing with one of our wellness benefits to discussing the latest games over a Friday lunch cooked by our in-house chefs, we’re passionate about supporting our staff and we encourage a healthy and balanced working life.

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