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We are Studio Gobo, we create 

AAA character-action video games


We Go Beyond Ordinary

We are Studio Gobo, a passionate team of interactive designers and game developers based in the digital hub of Brighton & Hove on the south coast of the UK. We offer AAA character-action game development services for a global client base.

Taking on a variety of character-action co-development projects, Studio Gobo has made a name in the industry not only for excellence in co-development, but as one of the best places to work in the UK games industry.

Character Action

Studio Gobo is a driven and ambitious AAA development team with proven competency within the character action genre. We have been trusted with major IPs, and forged close relationships with their holders in order to deliver experiences that match the quality of the brand expectations.

I want to thank you for your level of professionalism and how you internalise our feedback and challenge us.

Roman Campos Oriola | Creative Director, For Honor | Ubisoft Montreal

The Studio

Studio Gobo was founded by four old friends who had worked together in the games industry since 2001. Tony Beckwith, Tom Williams, Paul Ayliffe and James Callin grew Studio Gobo from a small start-up company in 2011 to the successful studio it is today. 

In Studio Gobo's third year, the directors took a big leap and started a small research lab in Zurich to work with some of the amazing talent the city, especially the University (ETH), has to offer. 

To maintain the personality of the founding studio, the directors decided to start a second with old industry friends Jon Gibson & Tim Chapman. At the end of 2015, the sister studio was announced, which recently re-branded as Electric Square. 

Today, Studio Gobo is an expanding 130-person co-development studio working across an exciting range of AAA projects.


Studio Gobo can deliver an entire game or take responsibility for specific features within a larger production. We have a fully-rounded experienced team working across all aspects of production, code, R&D, art, animation, design, audio, conceptual design & QA. What is Co-Development? 

We can definitely say there’s a For Honor before…and now there’s a For Honor after Studio Gobo. We really love working with you.

Damien Kieken | Game Director, For Honor | Ubisoft Montreal

Our Background

We have a strong history in successful high-end console development. The directors at Studio Gobo originally co-founded and ran Black Rock Studio, which was tasked with making console games for a broad core gamer demographic. The results were the critically acclaimed and award-winning Pure and Split/Second.

We set up Studio Gobo with the aim of collaborating with publishers as a specialist co-developer to create high-end AAA character action gaming experiences for console and PC platforms. 

Tony Beckwith | CEO | Studio Gobo

Collaborating with us

Partnership Values

  • We provide a collaborative, team-based partnership
  • We believe in an “Always Playable” approach to development

Our Development Ethos

  • Passion for creativity & equality in an ego-less team environment
  • Transparency and clear deliverables
  • Diversity is key to creativity, respect allows diversity to flourish

Project Setup

  • Project milestones in accordance with high-level production/marketing plans
  • Collaborative sprint planning and reviews
  • Communication tools: Skype, Slack, Confluence
  • Secure shared development platform
  • Adaptability: fast integration to partner’s infrastructure
  • International experience - adaptive to a variety of timezones

Join our family

If you think you have what it takes to make an impact on the games we make we would love to hear from you!


Our News

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