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"Studio Gobo really hit a home run with this one. I think it is an absolute must have purchase for any Star Wars fans as well as Disney Infinity fans
“Disney Infinity 3.0 really does prove that when it comes to Disney, it's third time lucky. If you're looking for a co-op Star Wars game, forget about Battlefront - Disney Infinity 3.0: Rise Against the Empire wins hands down.”
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"There's something wonderfully nostalgic about Rise Against the Empire"
If you are an old-school Star Wars fan, this is a no brainer. Rise Against the Empire knocks it out of the park. The the most fun I’ve had with the toys-to-real-life genre yet!
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GO Beyond Ordinary

Who are we?

Studio Gobo are a team of interactive designers and game developers based on the south coast of the UK.  Our two studios, Gobo Brighton and Gobo Hove, both offer deep specialisation in a wide range of platforms and create games for console, VR, mobile, TV and basically everything it’s possible to play a game on.

We are a family of graphics geeks and artistic misfits


The individuals in the studios bring in a wide range of expertise to the team and are why we GO Beyond Ordinary.  Our team’s broad experience means we find new ways of looking at old problems.  We come from all corners of the globe and range from recent graduates to old hands, from sofa surfers to surf boarders.

R&D Lab


Fun is at the heart of what we do.  We know that if we want to make fun games, we also have to have fun making games.  The Studios are relaxed, creative environments with a flat hierarchy.  We have serious standards we work to but that doesn’t mean we can’t be playful while we’re working.

We believe in a fun, relaxed and creative studio environment


The right studio environment is important for an open and collaborative studio culture. We have open-plan office space and no boardrooms.  Apart from a bright red telephone box.  It’s no secret that we love food at the studio. Since day one we have had Gobo Friday Lunch.  Freshly cooked (free!) food by our in house chef Sue, the only rule is you’re not allowed to sit next to the people you did last week.  It’s an opportunity to relax and hang out as a team and some of our best ideas have emerged over a warm home cooked meal.

The Studios

Studio Gobo Hove was founded in 2011 by four old friends (Tony, Tom, Paul and James) who had been working together for the previous decade.

We grew from a start-up and in our third year, we took a big leap and started a small research lab in Zurich to take advantage of some of the amazing talent the city, especially the University (ETH), has to offer.  Studio Gobo Hove continues to grow but we will stay small enough that we can all still have lunch together on Fridays.

To maintain the first Studio’s personality, in 2015 we decided to start a second.  At about the same point two long-time friends, Jon and Tim, were thinking of starting a studio in Brighton.  We all met up and decided that there was an awesome opportunity to work together again. At the end of 2015, we were delighted to announce Gobo Brighton was born.

Take a look around


Take a look around



Take a look at the games we’ve made over the years.


Our concept art team have built up a body of work worthy of its own page.


We are currently recruiting. If you think you would fit in here, take a look at our careers page to see our current vacancies.